Premier League – Weekend Preview

In the most interesting matches this weekend in Premier league, current leader play away against Stoke City, United host West Ham, while Chelsea looking for three points in order to get back in the race for Champions League place.

Below you can read short betting previews, betting tips and predictions for the upcoming Premier League matches. Stoke City vs. Manchester City

In the previous round City took three points and the first position at the table and they want to stay there. Manchester City is not impressive on away ground, but they are stronger and should take another three More >

The Top 5 Winnable Games

There is evidence of people making wagers and bets since the beginning of written history. Archaeological digs have unearthed evidence of gaming devices similar to our modern day dice that date back even further. This evidence, which is found across all cultures and regions, suggests that placing bets is a part of human nature. Humans are competitive, which is one possible reason that placing bets is such a common part of our history. This theory is supported by the evidence that the pastime is popular without regard to social status or the wealth.

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How to Maximise Your Sports Bets

When it comes to sports betting, punters are always looking to increase the value from every wager they place. Say you’re in the market for a new pair of shoes, and have found two different prices for the same pair – unless you’ve got more money than sense, you’re going to opt for the cheaper pair. It’s the same when it comes to sports betting, although people are often too quick to accept what could end up being the worst price. Beyond that, betting fans sometimes don’t take advantage of the variety of different bets on offer for any sporting event, which have increased significantly ever More >

Neymar Salary, Buy-out Clause Raised to Deter Old Trafford

The news has hit the media earlier this week: according to various sources, Manchester United was willing to pay Neymar‘s buyout clause of over $190 million to Barcelona, and further $340,000 a week, for the player to join its ranks. Sounds attractive enough? Well, I think it does – several sources have considered the deal to be ready to go down, with the Brazilian player joining the ranks of the Red Devils starting next spring.

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But don’t bet on Neymar leaving Camp Nou just yet.

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How you should Play Daily Fantasy Football by

The yearly fantasy league players have long been in the ways to win against their peers, knowing how to play daily fantasy football means both draft mantras (the wait on a QB) and in-season lineup lessons (when to drop your kicker on his low). But the very same players are not always able to enjoy the same dominance when with their Fantasy IQ when it comes to play daily fantasy football on however, though should not be troubled, this is your article; being your guide not only in making that step from the season-long player to daily player, but also helping you win and grow your More >

Premier League 2015-16 – Punters Predict Champion

While it’s still too early in the season to jump to conclusions, the current standings in the Premier League suggest that Manchester City has stayed as fit and active as in the previous season, while Chelsea appears to be a bit tired. The Sky Blues currently lead with three points and by goal difference, followed closely by Leicester, Crystal Palace and West Ham competing for second place, and Aston Villa with one goal and one win. Chelsea has four points and only one win at this moment, currently standing at the 9th place of the table. But there is still plenty of time left for them to pull More >

Football Themed Slots Loved By Slots and Football Fans Alike

Officially, no other sport in the history is watched by so many people as football. Every time a World Cup tournament is organized there is a record-breaking number of viewers. It is estimated that football is being played in 200 countries across the world by 250,000,000 people. Besides that, one of the first professional sport associations was actually a football association, the Football League of England formed in the late 19th century that exists today in the form of the English Premier, Championship and the other leagues.


There are a number of football themed slots at online More >

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