The Return of Football to the World

football coronavirus

Coronavirus is changing the entire world in ways we never imagined. To keep up with this change, many organizations have adopted new ways of operation, to curb the spread of the virus. Best believe that the football-world isn’t an exception. With social distancing and minimal physical contact at the top of the list of safety measures, it’s normal to ask ‘’will the virus significantly affect the traditional ways of watching football?’’. As this popular sport makes a comeback to the big screens, let’s look at how things might change post-COVID-19.…

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Sports Betting UK | Gambling Laws & Regulations for Betting Companies

sports betting online

Sports Betting Laws in the United Kingdom The sports betting industry in the United Kingdom has the most developed gambling regulations in the world. The UK was the first country in the world to get a Sportsbook when Ladbrokes came into being way back in 1886. The British sports betting community was also the first to produce sports betting exchange – this is where gamblers do not bet against the bookies but bet against fellow gamblers. Below we are going to take a closer look at the sport betting laws…

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Sports Betting During Covid-19: Will It Beat the Odds?

sports betting covid 19

The Covid-19 pandemic hit lots of industries, and even changed the way some of them operate. Sports betting didn’t manage to avoid the impact of the crisis, as almost all sporting events have been cancelled. If there weren’t the pandemic, today we would discuss the new EURO 2020 champions and enjoy the Olympic Games in Tokyo. However, the lockdown saw many people at home, and the confinement has been imposed in a lot of countries. Sports fans headed to alternative forms of entertainment, and some obscure sports were, all of…

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Is Spin Casino the Best Free Spins Casino?

casino online and chips

If you are up-to-date with the developments in the gambling industry, you will agree that online casinos are growing by leaps and bounds. The fun they offer and opportunities to win money from games and events are irresistible to gamblers worldwide. As a result, competition among online casinos has gotten stiffer as each strives to become the best in the market. One European casino, in particular, has emerged as a cut above the rest. Spin Casino may be the best online casino in Europe – or the world – a…

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4 Steps to Overcome Your Gambling Urges

Sports Betting at a Las Vegas Casino

Generally speaking, gambling addiction is defined as a disorder that compels the person to be unable to resist the act of gambling, which can lead to various consequences in his/her financial and social life. Gambling addiction is common as there are already many gambling outlets offline and online that can be tempting to a lot of people. That said, stopping the urge to gamble is no easy feat. And if the person manages to, there will be a lot of temptation that will try to suck the person to get…

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