3 Ways to Bet on Ligue 1 Next Year

The Ligue 1 season is over, and it’s been another fantastic year where the underdog finally overcame PSG and won the title. Congratulations to Lille for finishing one point in front of the giants who have won the league for the past three seasons in a row.

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Although the action doesn’t kick off for a couple of months, it’s not wrong to feel the excitement and anticipation for another incredibly competitive and action-packed campaign. If you’re a gambler, placing a wager is an excellent way to add more entertainment, either to the league as a whole or to an individual game.

With the betting industry evolving at a rapid pace, it’s important to understand the options on the table, which is why they are outlined below. Why not get a head start to maximise your chances of success?!

Credit & Debit Cards

Credit cards are available depending on your location. For example, the UK banned them in 2020. Of course, if you’re in a country that accepts credit, then you can use them in the same way you would a debit card. The fact they are accepted across the board is what makes these payment methods popular for totalizators and punters. Plus, cards are almost always included within the terms and conditions for bonuses and promos.

What sets them apart for the upcoming Ligue 1 season? The answer is that many operators are beginning to loosen restrictions on the types of debit and credit cards you can use to place wagers. Visa and MasterCard are the usual suspects, yet American Express and prepaid cards like Paysafecard are widely available. Not only does this give you extra flexibility, but it also helps to avoid penalties since you can alter your card of choice to negate transaction fees and claim offers.


There isn’t a more controversial financial topic than cryptocurrencies right now. Still, that shouldn’t put you off using cryptos to make deposits online. When it comes to your security and anonymity, it’s worth going the extra mile, and the likes of Bitcoin and Ripple do that by making your transactions almost impossible to trace. Also, the good news is that businesses such as PayPal are accepting Bitcoin payments, so you can use cryptos that way too.

A brilliant element of the online wagering sector is that cryptocurrency payments are starting to become ubiquitous across the board. Whether you want to place an in-play football bet or a traditional wager, cryptos are savvy options as they are safe and accessible. Some platforms go as far as rewarding customers who deposit money via Bitcoin et al, so you could receive added value for crypto transactions too.


E-wallets have been around for decades, with PayPal the biggest brand among the e-wallet fraternity. PayPal’s main feature is that it’s safe for buyers and sellers, which is why hundreds of millions of users have active accounts globally. But as the brand skyrocketed in demand, competitors decided to hit the market.

Now, there are lots of different e-wallets you can use to place bets on sportsbooks such as Ligue 1, from PayPal to Neteller and Skrill. The latter is widely accepted throughout the industry, making them ideal for placing wagers.

How should you bet on Ligue 1 next year? It’s imperative to pick the most suitable methods. However, credit and debit cards, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies are among the best options for French football supporters.

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