7 Tips to Trick Inexperienced Poker Players

The popularity of poker has grown over the years, with many people visiting casinos to try their luck. New players are beginning to play daily with a focus to win and enjoy their earnings.


Although the game is reasonably straightforward, it has several variants that can confuse new players. There are many types of poker games that players can engage in with the most popular ones attracting scores of people.

Some of these popular games include Texas Hold’em rules, seven-card stud, Omaha poker, and five-card draw, among others. Experienced poker players engage in the card game to win and use all resources at their disposal to do so.

When you find yourself at the same table with new players, you have a better chance of winning the game and should do your best to succeed. If you are a veteran poker player that wants to beat beginners at the poker table, here are some tricks you need to know.

Classify the Player

Playing poker with beginners requires a bit of psychology to increase your chances of winning. Classifying them makes it easier to respond to their moves at the table with a specific strategy.

The majority of new players are either careless or scared and usually place a lot of bets to win. Anxious players respond to raises by either folding or calling as a way of protecting themselves.

You will never find them opening the betting at a poker table, which indicates their inexperience. To win against scared players, you need to wear them down while betting aggressively. Be on the lookout for raises, which is an indication that they have something up their sleeve.

In contrast, careless players make wild raises even when their hand is weak to gain attention at the table. A good response is to bet your strong hand and also call big bets and big pairs together to increase your chances of winning. 

Watch Their Body Language

Paying attention to the behavior of new players tells you a lot about their pattern of thinking or their next move. Most times, they are too tight, too aggressive, too loose, or too passive in the way they play the game.

Typically, new players relax when they have a big hand and will even engage in conversation at the table. Silence may mean they are bluffing, especially for those that haven’t been in the game for too long.

Additionally, it is a sign of strength when a player looks at their stack almost immediately after a flop, making it easier for you to plan your next move. Taking time to study your opponent and their actions will likely reveal their next step, making it much easier for you to win big against inexperienced poker players.

Use Poker Math

Poker is a game that relies on strategy and calculations to get the next move right. Getting value from opponents using concepts such as bet-sizing is an excellent way to trick new players. According to the Washington Post, the lack of understanding of the mathematics surrounding poker will result in players getting more misses than hits.

To trick inexperienced players, you need to calculate pot odds before starting a game and understand the possible outcomes. When you know how often your hand is going to be hit and can comfortably calculate it against the pot odds, you can always win against beginners. 

Utilize Mistakes in Poker Rankings

Good knowledge of poker hand rankings gives you a significant advantage over inexperienced players. Most new players lack this knowledge and are likely to believe in various misconceptions that result in a lot of mistakes at the poker table.

Some of the misconceptions are that flush beats straight, high cards are essential in a flush, and that two-pair hold a higher value than three-of-a-kind. When an experienced player bets strategically against new players, they use the information they have on power rankings.

Your chances of getting paid for sets as well as flushes increases your chances of winning. Monitoring rookies’ mistakes gives insight into the cards they have in hand, giving you a chance to do things that throw them off. 

Present Chips of Small Denominations

Betting big can bring a lot of attention to you from new players at the table, making it hard for you to execute your winning strategy. Since inexperienced players enjoy calling, you can make your big bet subtly by using chips comprised of small denominations.

Always have at least $1 or $2 chips in stacks of fives and tens so that you can bet an amount without the dealer having to announce your bet verbally. However, casinos have different offers.

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Take Advantage of Calling Stations

Inexperienced players are good at betting, calling, and folding at the poker table. Most of them love calling because it reduces their risk of losing the existing hand, which would be embarrassing.

Also, new players believe that this strategy, followed by folding, is the best way to play safe. Betting on single streets with a superior pair gives you a chance to exploit the lack of knowledge of bet sizing by new players. It is advisable to make big bets in the highest ranges in the pot to increase the chances of getting larger wins.

Exploit Their Overexcitement

According to the Gambling News Magazine, the greatest undoing of poker players that lack experience is their overexcitement at the chance of winning the game. However, if you are a veteran, you can take advantage of the excitement expressed whenever they win.

Small wins often come from a small investment made, and it comes back with a minimum return. To win against beginners, you can convince them to place chips of an amount they are comfortable with and then increase the initial bet. Most times, this strategy works to the benefit of veteran players as you get increased winnings with minimal work.

Rinse and Repeat

Mastering these techniques isn’t easy. Ultimately, tricking inexperienced players in poker takes time and effort to ensure that you succeed against them over and over again.  So, make sure to take time and put in the work practicing these skills if you expect to trick such players and win at poker.

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