Increase the Chances of Winning a Football Bet

Football makes up 70% of the entire gambling trade, making it the biggest market of the industry. According to BBC, it is worth a billion of dollars annually. Not only is football betting really enjoyable for fans but it’s also exciting for gamblers.

While most people think that betting is all about luck, more experienced betters know that there are techniques one can use to increase the chances of winning in sports betting. If you like betting on football games but can’t seem to make consecutive wins, then these tips can help you.

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Choose Your Team

The first mistake most amateurs make is picking their favorite team. While most people love to see their team grab a win, it will not always happen. Do your research and learn about the different teams. Check out their winning history, the players’ skills, and the team’s stats. Then, objectively make your choice. The key is to use your head and not your heart when you bet.

Pick the Best Price Selection

Although this is one of the most fundamental principles of sports betting, it is often overlooked. You have to look for the best price for your selection by comparing the best odds among bookmakers. This can help you increase your odds of winning. Top gamblers recommend best online casino Canada platforms that offer the most advantageous betting odds. You can find them easily on internet.

Think of Value and Manage Your Money Wisely

Making a guess rarely ensures winning a bet. When you’re betting on teams, you want to make sure that you bet on value. This requires knowledge on basic statistics as you have to make some computations. To determine a value bet, you need to calculate in percentage the winning probability of a certain team. Let’s say that your home team has a 70% winning chance and the price is bigger by ⅘, then that’s your value. Compare that with the other teams and see which of them has the highest chance of winning.

If you don’t want to risk so much money by making a value bet, you can also play safely and put a lay bet on the exchange. For instance, if you bet $2,000 with odds of 2.0 and lay it off at 1.9, you’ll make $200 if you win. If you lose, you’ll only lose a small percentage your initial bet. This technique allows you to make small but steady wins.

Lastly, you have to make sure that you manage your money wisely. Ensure that you don’t drain all of your deposited money. It is recommended that you only bet 5% of your balance per event so that you won’t lose everything. In gambling, money management is a very important aspect in determining whether you’ll make gains or not.

Contrary to what most people think, sports betting is actually a game of math and strategy. Luck runs out, and when it does, you’ll lose most of your money. It’s better to rely on statistics in order to win consistently.

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