Alexis Sanchez , Arsenal

Arsenal Odds On To Win The Europa League This Season

Having lost to Manchester City last Sunday, there is practically no hope of Arsenal ever winning the Premier league this season. Many Arsenal fans and pundits alike knew right from the beginning that the Gunners have little or no chance of winning the title especially with how scandalous the last summer transfer window was. Many […]

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How to Refine Your Betting Strategy for Long-Term Success

Betting on sports and winning consistently. It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, for an increasing number of sports bettors who are taking their betting more seriously than ever before, long-term profits are now a realistic prospect – although, of course, constantly winning is still not. That’s because professional – and even […]

Alan Shearer of Newcastle

29 Favourite Premier League Players

The Premier League has witnessed some of the greatest players to ever play the beautiful game. Sometimes though we don’t choose our favourites based on the skill, but for other reasons. Here is a list of 29 Premier League players, of whom some went on to become global superstars and others have faded into insignificance […]

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Modern football players who promoted gambling

We all know that gambling and sports have a great deal in common. In both cases players enjoy the process, feel the adrenaline rush, happiness and disappointment, as well as many other emotions that are difficult to get anywhere else. This is what gambling operators benefit from, trying to increase their popularity combining sports and […]

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Football players who are casino enthusiasts

Gambling entertainments are enjoyed by all the people regardless of their social status and the level of income. The casino is visited by politicians, office clerks and famous athletes, including football players. This is explained by two factors: one – the atmosphere of gambling is pretty close to the one in football. Both are full […]