Young Talents in Germany on the Rise in Football Soccer Game

Nordi Mukiele of RB Leipzig

Do you know that which is the most popular sport in the world? It is game football that has appeared in the ancient period. After more than a century of development, football has now become the global sport of interests. Countries around the world are now taking an active interest in football. Anyone who has an interest in football will know that one of the main football team where you should keep an eye is Germany. Among so many countries, Germany is becoming more and more popular in football for…

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At What Cost?

Karl Marx once described religion as, “the opium of the masses.” Now in the 21st century, the majority of the planet has found a new drug to lift their minds from the banality of everyday life – football. There is no other entity that can hope to match football in terms of popularity. People across the vast spread of Earth may have different skin colours, languages, income tax bands, genders or sexual orientations, but what can unite virtually anyone is a shared love of the beautiful game. Yet this popularity…

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For Belgium It’s Now or Never

Belgium football national team, World Cup 2018 training

Between now and the summer it is inevitable that you and some pals will meet for a few drinks. Conversation, as it always does, will be diverted to football and eventually to the World Cup. Someone will back Brazil, another Argentina. Germany will be given some support as will France. Eventually someone will pipe-up and say something along the lines of “I’ll tell you who I think is a bit of a dark-horse…. Belgium”. Belgium, given the huge abundance of players who ply their trade in Europe’s top leagues, are…

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Betting on Euro 2016

The summer is usually a period when there aren’t a lot of opportunities for sports betting and that’s why many thrill-seekers turn to online casino gaming. With this Roxy Palace no deposit bonus you will have an opportunity to begin playing casino games for free. Fortunately, for all sports fans and sports betting fans, the European Football Championship is ahead of us and that’s a great chance not only to enjoy watching a number of interesting matches, but also for wagering several bets and winning some extra cash.    …

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Nigeria v Scotland Investigation For Match Fixing

Friendly match between Nigeria and Scotland which have been played last night in London is at the center of an international investigation into suspected match-fixing.   “Nigerians don’t fix matches – We win them.”  NOOOOOT!       Photo:   The National Crime Agency, which investigates serious and organised crime, is said to have asked FIFA to issue an alert over attempts to fix the Craven Cottage clash. No Scotland players are understood to be involved and a Scottish FA spokesman said: “We are liaising with the relevant authorities and will…

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