Modern football players who promoted gambling

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We all know that gambling and sports have a great deal in common. In both cases players enjoy the process, feel the adrenaline rush, happiness and disappointment, as well as many other emotions that are difficult to get anywhere else. This is what gambling operators benefit from, trying to increase their popularity combining sports and gambling. Of course, football is the most popular sport. It is watched by a huge number of people, and the best players are well-known in every corner of the world. It is logical to assume…

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Luis Suarez Banned 9 Matches for Biting Giorgio Chiellini During 2014 World Cup

Uruguay and Liverpool forward Luis Suarez will miss the national team’s next nine matches and is banned from football-related activities for the next four months as punishment from FIFA for biting Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini during the final match of the World Cup group stage for both sides.  DISCIPLINARY: Uruguay’s Luis Suarez suspended for 9 matches & banned for 4 months from any football-related activity. — FIFA Media (@fifamedia) June 26, 2014   Full statement on Luis Suarez suspension: … ‘Such behavior cannot be tolerated on any football pitch, and in particular…

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