Sports Betting During Covid-19: Will It Beat the Odds?

sports betting covid 19

The Covid-19 pandemic hit lots of industries, and even changed the way some of them operate. Sports betting didn’t manage to avoid the impact of the crisis, as almost all sporting events have been cancelled. If there weren’t the pandemic, today we would discuss the new EURO 2020 champions and enjoy the Olympic Games in Tokyo. However, the lockdown saw many people at home, and the confinement has been imposed in a lot of countries. Sports fans headed to alternative forms of entertainment, and some obscure sports were, all of…

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Online Bingo Sites Overtaking Casino & Sports Betting During Covid-19

casino online and chips

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to leave the globe in a state of panic, many industries are suffering from the lockdown. On the other hand, some businesses appear to have boomed since the virus took hold, with the lockdown driving more activity online. With online gambling and online bingo sites going through a purple patch, the fortunes of casinos & sports betting during Covid-19 have been very different. If you are missing casinos and sports betting, online bingo sites could be the answer to your problem. Before getting started, it…

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Sports Betting

The emergence of several betting sites has completely revolutionised the gambling in the world today. Each person will equally agree that sports betting is the new hustle in town and many people are heavily investing in it. It’s also a game of winners and losers whereby while others win, others lose. It requires rigorous analysis and deep knowledge of the matches to be played before staking anything to have a rewarding gamble. Sports betting involves not only football but also other games like basketball, baseball, cricket, boxing and many more.…

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Number of Clubs Sponsored by Betting Firms is rising—where does the Money Come From?

Sunderland v Stoke U21 - Checkatrade Trophy

In the 2016/17 English premier league season, 10 out of 20 football teams were sponsored by betting companies. It was the first time a top-tier league had more than 40% of jersey sponsors being gambling firms. So, what’s driving the craze? Huge companies love to be associated with sports and entertainment. Whether it’s TV or sports, brands pay billions to be associated with franchises. The Japanese tires’ company Yokohama, for example, paid Chelsea football club $52 million starting 2017 to have its name appear on the club’s jerseys. Airline Company…

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“Sports betting experiences” hit Vegas

sports betting

Many gamblers love sports betting. That’s because most gamblers love sports. It’s a natural fit – randomness, chance, entertainment, glory! – but it’s not always a legally clear area, particularly in the United States. However, new law reforms have somewhat opened up the gambling market in the States, and punters and casino owners are looking to cash in. The latest to rush to the starting gate is casino owner, Derek Stevens, who owns the Golden Gate and the D Las Vegas in the world’s most famous gambling city. Stevens has…

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