Who Are the Early Favourites This Season in the NFL?

The Buffalo Bills don’t often find themselves on the forefront of the NFL. But that could change this week as the Bills face one of the weakest sides of this tournament this year. The Bills take on the New York Jets this week and are an early favourite to win the game. The current 10.5 odds in their favour is a novelty as the Bills don’t always find themselves playing with such high odds.

In fact, this is only the second time in this millennium that the Bills are playing with double-digit odds in their favour. The only other time it happened was back in 2004 when the squad faced the 49ers in San Francisco. The team’s Golden era was between 1990 and 1993, with four straight Super Bowl trips during the period.

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The other franchises in our list include the Titans and the Steelers. Although both teams are currently tied at 5-0, the Steelers have a slight edge as they opened against Pittsburg with a one-point lead. The last time that happened was back in 2015 when the Panthers opened with a 7-0 tally against the 6-1 Packers. Despite being the underdogs, not only did the Panthers win the game, they outright demolished the competition.

The Early Odds for NFL 2020


1. Giants vs. Eagles

The Giants are perhaps the most oddly predictable team in the NFL this season, but only while playing on the road. The only problem is they never seem to get their heads together and win a game when playing in New York! Their current streak includes an ugly 4-14 straight-up, including a 37-34 loss against the Cowboys during Week 5. The Eagles, on the other hand, have won 9 out of their 10 matches against the Giants.

2. Bills vs. Jets

If there’s one team worth betting on this season, it’s the Jets! Through the last six weeks, the Jets are at 0-6 ATS, which makes them the second team this year (the Cowboys being the first) yet to cover the spread in a game. The Bills, on the other hand, are at 9-4-1 ATS from their previous 14 games and will have 5-1 straight wins under their belt when facing the Jets.

3.    Lions vs. Falcons

Both the teams facing off this week are coming off a win in their respective last games. The Lions have a slight edge as the game will be played in Atlanta and the Falcons are 2-8 straight up in their previous 10 home games. After winning one game on the road this season the Lions have already doubled their total.

4. Browns vs. Bengals

Although the Bengals aren’t a reliable side to bet on. The equation changes every time the team faces the Browns. The Bengals are at 10-2 ATS from the previous 12 encounters against the Browns.

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