Why Online Gambling is Now So Much More Popular than Using a Bookies

It’s not an overstatement to suggest that the gambling landscape has completely changed in recent years thanks to online gambling and innovative technologies. Where it was once standard practice to head to your local bookies to place a bet, people are now opting to bet on their phones, tablets or computers instead. The statistics from the UK Gambling Commission show that online gambling holds a staggering 40% share of the entire gambling market, but what is it about online gambling that makes it such an appealing alternative to using your local bookmaker?

online betting

More Convenience

Whether you like betting on sports or you prefer playing casino games, digital gambling is a more convenient option compared to having to head out of your home to place a bet or visit a casino. What’s more, online casinos or bookies are always open so whenever you want to gamble, the doors are always open. With no restrictive opening times, you have more chances to win without missing out on any opportunities. So, whether you’re looking for something to do on your evening commute from work, in the evening or even on your lunch break, the opportunity to bet is always available to you.

Greater Bonuses

Online bookmakers run a wide range of promotions, but online casinos offer even bigger offers. Compared to their physical counterparts, online casinos provide a more attractive variety of welcome bonuses and also bonuses for existing players. For punters, this makes online gambling a better option that gives them more money to play (and win) with. For example these free bet offers are too good to miss.

A Wider Selection

In addition to the better bonuses that you can enjoy, online gambling also provides a wider variety of markets to bet on. This is definitely the case for online casinos, but sports betting sites also allow punters to bet on the popular and the niche markets with ease. There are hundreds of slot titles, live dealer games, classic casino games and sports to gamble on, providing a more exciting prospect to any punter looking to explore different markets. This range of choice isn’t offered at physical casinos or bookies, which is one of the key reasons why online gambling has grown so much in popularity compared to the physical alternative.

Lower Costs

Another reason that many people are choosing to go digital with their betting is the amount of money they save in doing so. It may seem counterproductive when discussing gambling, but it’s not about the money you’re playing with but rather the associated costs of gambling in a land-based casino or bookies. From the petrol that has to be put in your car to get there to buying the paper to check form on for bookies, there are many costs that come with betting, particularly if you’re someone who enjoys gambling regularly. But by choosing to go online with your betting activities, you can save money that can be put towards your betting budget.

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