3 Best Betting Strategies – How to Make Online Betting a Profitable Business?

The main rule to remember when it comes to betting is that the house always wins. The sportsbooks are in the business of making big money. For example, British bookie bet365 has revenue of £1.5 billion a year! If you think that they made much money from a couple of high-rollers losing millions, you are being very wrong. The majority of profit that sportsbooks get comes from regular people betting small amounts.


An average bettor is a person who looks at betting as a chance to win big money from a tiny investment. That is why most of them bet on high odds, which are high for a reason – they never win. So, why people bet on them? Because the bookies lure them into paying money on odds that seem too favorable! On top of that, some bookmakers also give free bets on outcomes that are very unlikely to happen.

So, don’t be an average bettor. Instead of hoping to become a millionaire in a single day, it’s better to have a plan. The chances for failure are close to zero if you implement one of these 3 betting strategies!

Martingale Tactic

This is, perhaps, the most famous betting tactic in the world. The premise of it is that you keep on betting until you eventually win. The odds need to be about 3.00 (2/1), while you should double the stakes every time you lose. The best way to explain the Martingale is to give you an example.

Let’s say you put $500 on draw in the clash between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Usually, the odds for a draw are about 3.00. In case you lose, you will need to double the stake on the next match. This means that when you bet on draw in Real Madrid – Sevilla game, you should put $1,000. This way, if you win, you will get a total of $3,000, meaning that you’ve made a profit of $1,500, after deducting the money you’ve staked.

To make it easier, you can use an online Martingale betting calculator or create your own in Microsoft Excel or a similar program.


The thing about Martingale is that it’s the only betting strategy that is guaranteed to bring profits. The only issue is whether you’ll be able to keep it up if the losing streak gets big. Because the stakes double, after just 5 rounds, your next stake needs to be $8,000 (if you started with $500 in the first bet).

This is the reason why many bettors decide against Martingale. If you’re one of them, you might want to think about its opposite – the Anti-Martingale tactic. Instead of waiting for a streak to end, this tactic suggests following the trends. For example, if Real Madrid has been winning everything lately, there’s no point of waiting for them to play draw (which would be the case with Martingale). Instead, you should bet your money on Los Blancos to keep on winning.

Rolling Accumulator

Here’s another betting strategy that can bring you a lot of money. The whole point of it is that you shouldn’t put all your money on one accumulator, but bet singles instead, increasing the stakes every time you win. Similar to Anti-Martingale, these tactics calls for betting on favorites. So, if you bet $1,000 on odds 1.2(2/10) that Real Madrid is going to beat Alaves, you will win a total of $1,200. All of that money you should then bet next week when Real plays against another underdog.

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