4 Steps to Overcome Your Gambling Urges

Generally speaking, gambling addiction is defined as a disorder that compels the person to be unable to resist the act of gambling, which can lead to various consequences in his/her financial and social life. Gambling addiction is common as there are already many gambling outlets offline and online that can be tempting to a lot of people.

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That said, stopping the urge to gamble is no easy feat. And if the person manages to, there will be a lot of temptation that will try to suck the person to get addicted to gambling again. Not to mention that the triggers are everywhere and in different forms.

It might be hard, but these urges can be avoided or even fought against if they are willing enough to stop. Here are some simple steps to stop these urges from tempting you to get addicted to gambling again.

Understand the Problem

The first thing to solve a problem is to admit that there is one. That said, understanding yourself and admitting that you have a gambling addiction is the first step to solve it. Of course, gambling alone is not the problem per se, but when it already gives you consequences and has caused you a lot, it already is a problem.

Here are some of the signs you have to look out for to determine if you have a gambling addiction.

  • The need to gamble huge sums of money
  • Gambling to release stress
  • Getting even to make up for losses
  • Always in need of financial support
  • Relationship problems with family and friends

Admitting these clear signs with yourself and not denying any of it is the first step. It will then be more transparent for you to point out the adverse effects they have on your life.

Distract Yourself with Something Else

Just like any activity, gambling can easily become a habit because of the stimulation it provides to your brain. Now that you have stopped, the brain will look for other stimuli to occupy the void that gambling has left. Take advantage of this by doing other recreational activities like painting, dancing, or watching your favorite UFC fighters and their upcoming matches by looking at the UFC Fight Card and Fight Night Preview. This way, your mind will be preoccupied with something productive and fun.

Plan Ahead

If you are worried about the time and money you are spending on gambling, planning will significantly help you control your gambling habits. For example, you can spend the money on something more productive like enrolling for online courses or asking for the help of a professional to have more insight about your problem and how to solve it.

Another thing you can do is to decide beforehand how much time you want to spend on gambling. During your downtime, you can spend a little bit more time with your family and friends. There is more to life than just gambling.

Avoid Temptations

Of course, trying to overcome temptations to gamble will be hard if you keep on exposing yourself with things that are linked with gambling. Even just small things like visiting sports betting websites or online bookmakers can tempt you into gambling.

These are triggers, and going out of your way to avoid them is critical to overcome your gambling addiction and spend your time and money on something more productive.


Solving your gambling addiction is difficult once you deny the fact that you are addicted. Once you determine that you have a problem, ease yourself in withdrawing from said addiction by lessening the time and money spent on them and actively seeking more productive activities. This way, you’ll handle your addiction more and will eventually get rid of it altogether.

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