Boost Your Betting Success With a Bankroll Strategy

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If the past few months have been anything to go by, it is safe to say that 2018 is shaping up to be one of the best years of sporting action in recent memory. From a dramatic World Cup in Russia to the excitement of Wimbledon and Formula One, there has been so much to get your teeth into. With all of the action of another football season just around the corner, there is also so much still to come too.

Of course, such a huge amount of top sports action also means that fans seemingly have more opportunities than ever before to have a flutter on the outcome of some incredible contests. The gambling industry is in rude health at present with the gross yield from the global market set to reach $450 billion in the next year, so it is highly likely that, whatever sport you are into, many of the leading sites will have you covered across the coming months.

A man with a plan?

However, how much thought have you actually put into the way that you handle your betting? Do you work on gut instinct in terms of your betting picks and the stakes you put down or do you always follow a strict set of rules?

While there are never any guarantees to achieving success in sports betting, it can be very common for both beginners and even experienced old heads to put a strategy in place to help them make decisions about their gambling. Such a plan might cover a range of issues, from betting on specific sports to only backing teams in the Champions League at certain odds. However, probably the most important issue that tends to be considered is the handling of a bankroll.

Money management is absolutely fundamental to betting, with punters always looking for ways to determine the stake they should put down. Putting a high amount down obviously carries risk, while going too low means that you might have a regret that a potential win was ultimately not greater. So how can you go about taking steps to ensure that you’re on the money when it comes to your bankroll strategy?

Casino inspiration

Betting fans obviously have many different places they can turn to for inspiration on taking care of their bankroll, but an obvious place to start is by examining the world of casinos.

Both online and offline, the industry is in a great position, with the global casino gaming market expected to be worth $191 billion by 2022, according to Business Wire. It is an area which has a close relationship with sports betting and it is easy to see why – both revolve around the excitement of players assessing their odds and taking a chance to win big. The casino world is also big on strategy with traditional games from blackjack and roulette to even slot games inspiring a range of approaches from players down the years.

So what are the most popular and how can they offer you a little bit of inspiration as you look to take your betting to the next level?

The d’Alembert approach


There are a host of options to choose from, but some of the approaches taken in roulette certainly offer some food for thought. Considering it – literally – revolves around where a ball randomly falls on a spinning wheel, the game has inspired many strategies with the d’Alembert system being among the most famous. Online casino Betway describes the method as an even chance betting system. This is due to it being used for red/black or odds/evens bets.

Named after the 18th century French mathematician and philosopher Jean-Baptiste le Rond d’Alembert, the strategy involves a player deciding what their primary staking unit will be for the game. The player would then begin betting with a single unit and if they lose they then increase their next stake by another unit. For example, if an initial £2 bet was unsuccessful, the next bet would be worth £4. It would then increase to £6 if you lose again.

The general idea is that this kind of progressive strategy will mean that eventually when you win the increase seen in the stakes should at least go some way towards covering your losses. After a win, you would also then decrease your bet by a single unit. The approach is similar in style to the Martingale method, although that strategy is seen as riskier due to the fact it is based around doubling a bet each time there is a loss. So, in contrast, an unsuccessful £2 bet becomes £4, then £8, £16 etc.

Bringing the strategy to betting

So what can a fan of sports betting learn from examining this kind of approach to betting? Well, one of the most obvious takeaways is that it offers a clear structure in terms of the pattern of betting. Ultimately, the process of only slightly increasing a bet each time provides an element of protection against major losses in the long run.

In addition, as touched upon, bets in the d’Alembert approach increase slower than in the Martingale strategy, so the chances are that a bankroll may also last longer if you keep to that specific set of rules.

Adopting a new style

It is important to note that there are, of course, never any guarantees of success when it comes to betting strategies. However, the idea of keeping to such an approach should at least mean you have a clear action plan in terms of how you intend to manage the money that you put aside for the odd flutter now and again.

Adopting a strategy may not just change your entire approach to betting, but could also mean it remains fun in the long run too.

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