Champions League Final: Juventus vs Real Madrid Prediction

With Atletico Madrid and Monaco eliminated in the semi-finals of the Champions League, we now have two teams left; Real Madrid and Juventus. On Saturday 3rd June, at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, the two will be facing off against each other in what is set to be a thrilling Champions League Final. With two fantastic teams in the final, it can be tough to choose a winner. However, we have a firm idea about which way the match is likely to go.

This is probably one of the toughest Champions League finals to predict. You see; both teams obliterated their opponents (who are fantastic), on aggregate. Juventus destroyed Monaco 4-1. Real Madrid knocked out Atletico 4-2 on aggregate. This means that both teams can score goals, and they can score them well. Both also have a brilliant defence, however. There is a good chance that the two of them can cancel each other out in the final. This means that you may see a 1-0 or 2-1 match. We, honestly, do not see this being a high scoring match at all. Yes, there will be some decent goals. You will be in awe at the quality that is on the pitch, but you are not going to get see a high scoring final.


There is no doubt that Juventus are the best side in Italy. However, they have not really had much success on the European stage. They have fallen up short repeatedly. Even the English sides do better than them, and this is really saying something! However, a few short years ago, the team made a statement. They came out and beat Barcelona over two legs in the quarter finals. They did not concede a single goal. For a team not to concede a single goal against Barcelona, well, that is really saying something.

Since then, the Juventus defence has continued to develop. They are as tough as steel. They link up with the rest of the play on the pitch very well too. The defence often contribute to attacking play incredibly well. You will be in awe at just how fluid Juventus work as a unit.

The player to keep an eye out for is Gonzalo Higuain. He is often billed as one of the top strikers on the planet. We do not necessarily know if that is true, but we are positive that he comes very close. If you are looking to place a bet on the first goal scorer, then Higuain is going to be a safe bet. This is a lad which has never really let us down. There is going to be a slightly better bet here, but Higuain should offer good enough odds that it is going to be worth lumping some cash on him.

Real Madrid

This is a team, which knows how to perform on the European stage. As they head into the Champions League final, they will be chasing their 12th European cup. Real Madrid has managed to achieve most of these cups in recent years. Of course, the team also competes in what is regarded as one of the most competitive leagues in the world. Sure, the league is a bit more predictable than the Premier League (seriously, a year later and we are still in awe that Leicester could win!), but you are still going to be facing off against Barcelona, and we know how brilliant they are.

Real Madrid are looking to do the double this year. They are looking to get that La Liga title as well as the Champions League. We really can’t see them failing here either. We have been looking at this Real Madrid team for a few years now, and they are fantastic. They are only getting better too. The team works so cohesively as a unit. Sometimes we wish our Sunday League team could play this well!

I am predicting that Cristiano Ronaldo is going to be the first goal scorer in this match. He has played 12 Champions League games this season. He has managed to bang in 10 goals. If he is not the first goal scorer, then he certainly is going to get one ball in the back of the net. The guy is a footballing God. The odds are not going to be that great on him for that reason, but it is a safe bet, which is always nice.

Juventus vs Real Madrid Prediction

We can’t look beyond Real Madrid. Yes, Juventus are going to be a formidable challenge for them, but we feel that Real Madrid will win. There will not be many goals in it. It will probably come down to the one goal, but if you are going to have a flutter, Real Madrid needs to be the team you bet on.

Juventus vs Real Madrid Betting Tip: Real Madrid to lift the trophy @ 1.83

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