Could Jackpot City be set to sponsor a Premiership team?

Given that both football and online casino gambling are amongst the most popular and successful entertainment industries of the current era it is perhaps a little surprising that there has not been more of a link-up between the two before now. Of course there is some sponsorship of football teams by casino companies, and many of the clubs in the Premiership and Championship have their own casinos, but it would be fair to say that football and online gambling have not become fully entwined – however that could be about to change.


One of the biggest of the online casino companies is Jackpot City, and there are plenty of English teams renowned around the world, so rumours about a possible sponsorship of the latter by the former would not be such a shock if they turned out to be true. Of course this is just a rumour at the moment, but it would represent a significant coup for both the team and JPC as the club would get the opportunity to develop a pioneering relationship with a company at the forefront of an industry, which appears to be immune to even a recession as tough as the current one, and JPC would see its profile go through the roof as a result of sponsoring a football club with a global reputation, although as of yet no names have been released.

There is no question that the supporters of any premiership club would react positively to such a deal, as a great many football fans are also fans of online ipad casino games like those available at Jackpot City. This is reflected in the development of spin-offs like slots games based around football, like Game On and Shoot! Even outside of this many football fans (and football players) seem to have a love for casino gambling – perhaps because of the thrill that it shares with the beautiful game. Thus, if the rumours of JPC sponsoring any team are correct it is likely to be a great deal for both parties!

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