Find a one-stop spot for betting and gaming

If you enjoy having the odd bet or two on the footie, or you’re thinking about backing a couple of the horses taking part in tomorrow’s Grand National, you’ve probably already got an online betting account set up. Anyone who bets regularly knows that this is the quickest and easiest way to place your bets.

However, if you’re also a keen player of casino games such as roulette, blackjack or poker, there are now lots of sites that allow you to manage all those activities in the same place. And with one account for all your gaming and gambling, it’s so much easier to keep track of how much you’re spending and what kind of profit that you’re making, rather than running multiple accounts at once.

Casino sites like 32red now offer odds on all the major sports fixtures that you might want to have a bet on, as long as more niche sports such as MMA, Pesapallo and chess. Similarly, traditional bookies such as Paddy Power have also widened their offering to include casino and bingo games.

As well as being able to access the sites online on your pc, you can also tap in on your mobile too – sites like offer expert advice on what they offer and the reasons why you should join them – likely throwing in some sign-up bonuses as well – so make sure to do your research before choosing just anyone!

If you are thinking of joining a new site though, then before deciding where to go, simply register and take advantage of the deals that the majority of them offer today. It allows you to try out the games for real with the site’s money. For new accounts, there’s usually a free sports bet to be had too. Currently at, there’s a free £10 bet for anyone placing their first £10 bet, along with 10 free games of one of the latest slots games, Terminator 2. So, if you did want to back one of the Grand National favourites like Shutthefrontdoor for tomorrow’s big race, you could also have a free bet on one of the outsiders, such as Carlito Brigante or the Duke of Lucca, courtesy of the site.

The beauty of having an online betting account that includes both games and sports is that you can mix and match what kind of gambling you do. You will still be able to bet on the aforementioned National, whilst you’ll probably try out new games that you’ve never played – such as baccarat or craps – as well. Who knows, you might discover that you have a bit of a flair for them.

While there’s nothing to stop people cashing in on different bonuses by joining a number of different betting and gambling sites, it’s probably wiser to then settle on playing at one site consistently. By doing so, you can easily monitor your spending, and the more you play or bet at a site, the more loyalty points you’ll accrue, which can be turned into extra credit at a later date.There are always different bonuses and promos going on – just keep an eye on the promos tab to make sure you don’t miss out on any special deals!

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