Football Themed Slots Loved By Slots and Football Fans Alike

Officially, no other sport in the history is watched by so many people as football. Every time a World Cup tournament is organized there is a record-breaking number of viewers. It is estimated that football is being played in 200 countries across the world by 250,000,000 people. Besides that, one of the first professional sport associations was actually a football association, the Football League of England formed in the late 19th century that exists today in the form of the English Premier, Championship and the other leagues.

There are a number of football themed slots at online casinos, but all of them suffer from the same problem. Many of them are too much generic, and uninventive. However, this was the case with the earlier football themed slots. The latest variations like the Football Star slot by Microgaming or the Shoot Slot by the same company are proving to be very interesting and that even football or sport themed slots can be interesting and distinguished.

The Shoot Slot is one of the more authentic football themed slots because it features symbols and pictures of real-life football legends. There is nothing generic about it whatsoever. This is the one that football fans love the most because every time they spin the reels they can see Pele, Johan Cruyff, George Best, Franz Beckenbauer, Maradona and all the other football legends from the past. This slot is actually based on the iconic Shoot football magazine from the 1970s. It has 50 paylines, a bonus feature with two second level bonuses with up to 35 free spins and 2x multiplier etc. If you were one of those kids that bought the Shoot magazine in the past or even today, this football themed slot will be perfect for you.


The Football Star slot also by Microgaming is probably the best football themed slot currently in terms of features. It was released prior to the 2014 World Cup when Germany won its 4th title and shocked the hosts Brazil with a 7-1 win in the semi-finals. The Brazil players were literally destroyed on their home ground. Anyway, the Football Star slot has over 40 wild symbols. If you are awarded a free kick in the Striking Wild bonus you will see a player shooting a free kick to hit one of the reels and turn all the symbols on either of the second, third or fourth reels into wild symbols. In the bonus games there are free spins with up to 10x multiplier. Also, when you hit a payline, all the winning symbols from that payline explode and new ones appear for another chance to activate a winning line.


There are many other football themed slots that slot and football fans can enjoy, such as the Football Cup slot by Viaden, Sensible Soccer slot based on the European Cup developed by Ash Gaming, Football Rules, Top Trumps Football Legends, Top Trumps World Football Stars all three by Playtech and many other.

The Top Trumps slot editions are probably the least generic of these all. Similarly to the Shoot Slot these two have reels with pictures from both retired and active players such as Zinedine Zidane, Bobby Charlton, Pele, Alfredo Di Stefano, Michel Platini, Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, David Beckham, Ronaldinho and other. The World Football Stars slot has an interesting feature where you need to choose two teams and by this you are actually choosing which pictures will show on the reels. Try these and you will be surprised how football can be incorporated into casino games. You can find some of these and other too in the online casinos at Bonus Wire. Look for the online casinos powered by Microgaming and Playtech.

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