Gambling is everywhere – From Talent Shows to Presidential Elections

Gambling is a common term that all are aware of, irrespective of their ages. In the earlier era, people used to set the gambling trick on their school and colleges with their friends. Now the situation has completely changed and people concentrate largely on real life and virtual gambling. Contextually, it is observed that through gambling people are not always able to earn profit but it provides them with fun and mental pleasure.

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Simple Assumptions…

For example, before watching any movie or show, people may try to bet its performance, TRP or popularity through its trailer. If they are able to take right assumption on the particular show or movie, it makes them happy. Through this short and simple assumption, they gamble on the movie or show, which may not provide them with any monetary benefits but satisfy their esteem.

Gambling Emerging into Big Picture

The gambling has integrated comprehensively in the lives every individual to a large extent. In this context of sports events, gambling is a random activity that the people mostly prefer to do. In comparison with the previous trends, it can be inferred that the modern world witnesses an integrated scenarios of gambling with the assistance of internet, which in turn makes the world a ‘global village’.]

Roulette wheel

Geographical barriers are unable to generate hindrances against the interactions between global people. This specific situation may help gambling in different national and international sport tournaments, beauty pageants, and award ceremonies among others, which are considered to be the most common fields for people to gamble for money, excitement and fun as well. The popular television shows include reality and non-reality programs, which acts as the best options for new generation people’s gambling aspect.

Betting on Reality Shows

Different music, talent, dance and x-factor hunting reality shows are the prime objective for gambling option, where people bet on the elimination, highest scorer, winner, second and last position holders. At a point of time, through different online portals, people can bet on their favorite participants and if the assumptions are right they possess the opportunity to earn even a double amount of their investments.

Bets in Non Reality Shows

On the other hand, non-reality shows are not out of this loop, people also bet about the situation of these shows, predict about the deaths of characters and relevant facts of it. The gambling is not only associated with the television world but it also enters within people’s real lives, wherein they predict about unborn babies of their families, their children’s marks on different subjects, results of their schools cultural competitions and sports events, results of elections as well as deaths.

Gambling as a Common Interest

The betting has hence become a common interest of a normal people’s life. However, with an incorporation of crazy gambling, people may lose their natural livelihood. Money, excitement, happiness and psychological satisfaction are the important factors for the individual, which help them to lead a normal life. Considering the present emerging gambling contexts in people’s life, there are certain doubts that rises regarding people’s interests such as whether these betting options are becoming curse for their normal lives, if this hampers an individual’s state of mind and if it indicates a prospective future for the nations.

Although the questions mostly remain unanswered, the gambling process tends to continue endlessly. Hence it can be concluded that the rights of people’s minds, lives and entertainment options should be balanced in order to retain its reasonability and reliability in the long run.

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