New Betting Scandal in Italian Football

New scandal in Italian football. All Bari players have been charged for match-fixing in a Serie A and Serie B, including Jean-Francois Gillet and ex-Juventus assistant Cristian Stellini.


The investigation is based around four fixed matches from 2008 to 2010.

The matches in Serie B were Bari 0-1 Treviso on May 10 2008 and Salernitana 3-2 Bari on May 23 2009, when Antonio Conte was the Coach.

In Serie A, the ties accused of being fixed are Bari 0-1 Sampdoria in April 2011 and Palermo 2-1 Bari in May 2011.

Among the players charged are Stellini, a former assistant for Conte at Juventus who resigned in the wake of his suspension in the Siena betting scandal, and current Torino goalkeeper Gillet.

Then-Bari captain Francesco Caputo has also been charged along with Davide Lanzafame, Nicola Belmonte, Stefano Guberti and Alessandro Parisi.

So far three players have decided to take plea bargains to avoid a trial and significantly reduce potential bans: Andrea Masiello, Marco Esposito and Marco Rossi.

The full list of players charged:

Gillet, Stellini, Esposito, Masiello, Rossi, Ivan Rajcic, Vincenzo Santoruvo, Davide Lanzafame, Nicola Belmonte, Nicola Strambelli, Massimo Bonanni, Massimo Ganci, Vitangelo Spadavecchia, William Pianu, Vitali Kutuzov, Nicola Santoni, Alessandro Parisi, Daniele De Vezze, Gianluca Galasso, Simone Bonomi, Francesco Caputo, Corrado Mario Colombo, Raffaele Bianco, Mark Edusei, Stefano Guberti and Luca Fusco.

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