Premier League 2015-16 – Punters Predict Champion

While it’s still too early in the season to jump to conclusions, the current standings in the Premier League suggest that Manchester City has stayed as fit and active as in the previous season, while Chelsea appears to be a bit tired. The Sky Blues currently lead with three points and by goal difference, followed closely by Leicester, Crystal Palace and West Ham competing for second place, and Aston Villa with one goal and one win. Chelsea has four¬†points and only one¬†win at this moment, currently standing at the 9th place of the table. But there is still plenty of time left for them to pull themselves back together.


When in doubt about who to cheer for, it’s best to ask the community of fans. And when it comes to football, the best fans to ask are those who are willing to bet their money on their team. And while it’s too early to make exact predictions, UK sports betting group Betfair has compiled a possible list of winners based on the best placed on the teams by punters.

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According to Betfair, Arsenal is the Premier League team with the most votes / bets placed by its customers. The team finished third in the last season, being bested by Chelsea and Manchester City, with 22 matches won, 9 draws and 7 losses, scoring 71 goals and conceding 36. Manchester United, the team coming in fourth last season, is expected to be the second, followed by Liverpool on the third place. According to the punters’ predictions, Chelsea will be fourth this season. Apparently the transfer season didn’t offer the punters enough incentive to place the majority of their bets on them this year, no matter how great they performed on the field last season.

Punters and analysts have very high expectations for Arsenal this season. The Gunners have shown that they can keep up with Chelsea in the second half of last season, with their supporters sensing another “Golden Era” coming. Even with Cech not performing at the level expected by the team’s management, they have tens of games yet to play, and a shot at this season’s championship title.

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