The 2017 Welcome Bonus Explained

If you are new to betting on sports or at an online casino you will need to understand the different offers available if you want to win big without taking huge gambles. In this article, I will make the 2017 welcome bonus rules made easy to understand so you know what to look out for and avoid. All companies have their own types of bonuses which have a different rule attached which can make it confusing and misunderstandings happening. By carrying out simple checks you can avoid the potholes and reap the rewards.

How To Find The Best Welcome Bonus Offer

The only way to tell if a 2017 welcome bonus offer is any good or not is by checking the wager and play-through requirements. Many unscrupulous betting companies have misleading offers which can lead to confusion and disagreements. It is why you need to read the welcoming bonuses rules for wagering requirements before been able to cash out before you sign up for one.

The best types of welcome bonus rewards are the ones with the lowest wagering need. This is because if a gambling companies rules are that you have to play the amount you deposited along with you bonus amount twenty times before been allowed to withdraw, it will be extremely difficult to reach that amount without losing. It will mean that if you place a $100 deposit and get a further $100 as a reward, you will need to place $4,000 of bets before withdrawing your money.

Look for welcome offers from sports betting and casinos which have the lowest wagering requirement. It will make it a lot easier to take advantage of the free cash on offer for signing up to the site as you will not have to risk as much capital placing bets.

Know The Welcome Bonus Rules

A large number of punters make the mistake of signing up to a welcome bonus without reading the rules. It is extremely tempting to do this as you only see the flashing banner offering huge incentives to join. You need to investigate further to know the exact games the offer is applicable for. A number of sportsbooks betting sites and online casinos exclude a number of games from the wagering requirements which can make it more difficult to reach the set level for withdrawal. You may end up winning a fortune on a particular game only to find out that you can not take out your cash due to not hitting the wager amount. Some websites may allow all the games to be used in conjunction with the bonus offer but will need a greater play through rate for withdrawing your money.


Using as many welcome bonus rewards as you can be signing up to different sports betting and casino sites are the best way to beat the system. Do not though sign up for every offer available on the web. Instead take your time to read the terms and conditions to find out the wagering need and games it is available for. Choose the ones with the most favorable terms and use a well thought through strategy to win big.

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