3 Dark Horses of the Premier League 2016-2017

The 25th season of the Premier League has started and there is a lot of rumour and discussion over who will be on top of the hill and who will lose the game.

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Twenty teams are playing in the league. The top seventeen teams from the previous season, and three teams (Burnley, Middlesbrough and Hull City) which came from the Championship.

We have the results of the first matches showing strong and weak sides of the season 2016-2017.
There are already signs indicating that Manchester City will claim the title of Premier League. With Pep Guardiola coming to Manchester City, the chances for the victory went up and, and now it is heading the table.

In fact, Arsenal and Manchester City are favourites for the title. And it is predictable because such teams as Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal invest the most money and are the most frequent winners.

However, as the Leicester’s miracle demonstrated, everything can dramatically change and underdogs of this season may eventually gain the lead.
So who are the underdogs of the season?

Will Manchester United bounce back?

Manchester United haven’t been the winner for three seasons in a row now.
Now they are seventh in the table but they still have the prowess and can take the lead to bring their good times back.


The team didn’t show impressive results in the previous seasons. However, Ronald Koeman was appointed as the new manager and Steve Walsh as Director of Football, and it has brought about positive results. Everton now occupies the second place in the table.


The team manager Aitor Karanka has collected an amazing team, and a few talented footballers (Marten de Roon, for instance) were added to the squad. Though now its place in the table is lucky 13th, there are still high chances it will overtake the other sides.

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