Chelsea vs Middlesbrough Prediction


Chelsea and Middlesbrough face off at Stamford Bridge in a vaunted start for the Barclays Premier League. Chelsea won away by (0 -1) from the last time they faced in this edition of the league. In this match the home factor may play an important role, as Middlesbrough presents significant differences in the results achieved at home and as a visitor. In addition to having a showdown where it could be decisive for Chelsea to become champion. Chelsea Chelsea claimed 27 points out of 30 after 9 wins and 1…

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3 Dark Horses of the Premier League 2016-2017

The 25th season of the Premier League has started and there is a lot of rumour and discussion over who will be on top of the hill and who will lose the game. Keep up with the latest football news, scores and competitions on MetaFootball. Twenty teams are playing in the league. The top seventeen teams from the previous season, and three teams (Burnley, Middlesbrough and Hull City) which came from the Championship. We have the results of the first matches showing strong and weak sides of the season 2016-2017.…

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