Betting on Euro 2016

The summer is usually a period when there aren’t a lot of opportunities for sports betting and that’s why many thrill-seekers turn to online casino gaming. With this Roxy Palace no deposit bonus you will have an opportunity to begin playing casino games for free. Fortunately, for all sports fans and sports betting fans, the European Football Championship is ahead of us and that’s a great chance not only to enjoy watching a number of interesting matches, but also for wagering several bets and winning some extra cash.





More matches means more opportunities

Euro 2016 begins on the 10 th of June and it will last for one month. This is the first European Championship that will feature 24 teams instead of 16. There will be a total 68 matches and if you consider the fact that you can also bet on who’s going to be the winner of the Championship, or whether a team is going to the qualify for the knockout stage or not, it is more than clear that there are plenty of betting options.

Accumulator bets can be very lucrative

Betting on individual matches can be lucrative, but the problem is that you won’t get very high odds. One way to increase your potential gains is to link several matches and place an accumulator bet. For example, if you choose some of the leading teams, teams that are considered favourites, such as France, Germany, England, Belgium and Spain and bet that all five will win their next respective matches, you may get odds of about 9.5 or 10, which is not bad at all, considering that if you wager an amount of $10 or a currency equivalent, you will come away with about $100.

Some teams are known to score a lot of goals

Another option is to try and predict one much, but go with a more specific prediction. Even if you’re betting on a favourite against an underdog and the odds for a win are about 1.30, trying to predict the correct score might bring you a lot more money. You may get odds of 8 if you’re predicting a 3:0 score. Or if you feel that the favourite is going to win by a large margin, you may place a handicap bet. France and Germany are teams that tend to score a lot of goals, and England have a lot of goal- scorers in their Euro 2016 squad. Betting that these teams will score two or more goals on particular matches might be a smart bet.

Betting on individual players

Another options is to bet on individual players. Cristiano Ronaldo has been often criticised that his performance for the national team of Portugal hasn’t been that impressive, particularly because he doesn’t have some of the best players in the world as colleagues like he has in Real Madrid. Knowing him it is more than certain that he will be trying to prove his critics wrong. Therefore, betting that he will be on the score sheet, especially for the matches of the group stages may be a good choice.





Can an underdog win Euro 2016?!

Some punters like to bet on the underdogs. Maybe you belong to a nation that is considered to be one of the underdogs that may cause an upset, or you simply believe that a team is capable of surprising the ‘big’ teams. A lot of people have mentioned Croatia as one of the teams who definitely aren’t considered to be favourites, but nevertheless stand a chance of winning. The odds for Croatia as some bookies, prior to the start of the Championship were set as high as 30 and that certainly is a bet worth thinking for.

Euro 2016 specials

Last but not least, there are lot of special and unique bets offered for this European Championship. You can bet which team will have the highest number of assists or which team is going to concede most goals. You can even bet which will be the top Real Madrid goal-scorer or top Liverpool goal scorer. The choice is yours and one thing is certain, the final stages of Euro 2016 will surely bring  lot of excitement.

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