Five Tips to Increase Your Success When Betting on American Football

The NFL used to be popular mostly in the United States, but in the last few years it is safe to say that it has gained popularity across the world, which can be put down to the fact that there are regular matches played outside of America in places such as London and Mexico City. As a result, more and more people are betting on this sport than ever before. Below we are going to provide you with some great tips that you should always keep in mind when betting on American football.

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Pay Attention to Where the Match is Being Played

Home advantage is something that plays a big part, and it is more prominent at certain stadiums. For instance, from 2014-2018, the New England Patriots won 42 games at home and lost just the 6. The Seattle Seahawks are also exceptional at home, having won 92 matches and lost just 31 since 2003. However, these are not the only sides that perform well at home. There are also some teams that do not perform well away from at all. For instance, the San Francisco 49ers, from 2014-2018, won just the 9 games on the road. Thus, you should do some homework and compare each team’s record home and away when you are handicapping for a home team advantage.

Bet with Your Head and Not Your Heart

This might sound obvious to many of you, but there are plenty of sports betting fans out there who cannot put their emotion to the side when placing a bet. There is not one person out there who do does not have personal bias, whether that is for a team that we love or one that we despise, and putting aside our preferences is never going to be easy. However, becoming objective when betting on the NHL is the easiest way to place smarter bets. This does not require mathematical analysis or detailed strategies; it just requires a bit of common sense. Cheering on your favorite team is great fun, but losing money is not. To become a more successful bettor, always try to avoid making a decision that is based solely on favoritism.

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Never Fall in Love with Value

Betting on the underdog might pay off from time to time, but you should consider why they are given long odds in the first place. You need to have very specific logic and reason on betting on a severe underdog because you can guarantee that the bookie you have an account with used logic and reason to come up with those odds in the first place. You also should be careful when you are building an accumulator – NFL teams are very closely matched when compared to some other sports, so it is very tricky to predict more than a handful of matches.

Take a Look at the Injury List

American football, just like soccer, is a team game and a number of small changes can have a big impact on how a team plays. If a team is missing a number of their best players, then their chances of winning will obviously decrease. Therefore, you should always make an effort to find out which players have missed training during the week and whether they are a doubt for the upcoming match. Team injury news can sometimes bet a little vague, so it is often wise to check the Twitter accounts for each team as they will often give a little bit more detail.

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Notice More Than Just the Trends

When it comes to place bets on the NFL, following regular trends is not a bad idea as patterns will sometimes give you valuable information. For example, during the time period between 2010 and 2018, the Bears won 12 matches and lost just 5 after a bye week, while the 49e lost 11 and won just 5 during that same time period. Just because a team scored 49 points in their last match does not mean that their offence is at the top of their game. Take a look at that game and see how the points were scored – maybe they were playing a poor team or maybe the defense score some of the touchdowns. A good bettor will always take the time to look at the context behind numbers.

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