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Success in sporting events comes with knowledge and gut instinct to make the right move. This goes for playing the sport and betting on it. The same goes for the NHL and the many ways you can profit from the beauty of this game. Here we highlight which points of the game you should be staking your bets on.

Toronto Maple Leafs center Austin Matthews

Change your betting approach

Many people have a plan, a regimented formula for their betting approach. This can be picking outright winners in an event, scorers or double chance betting. There are many ways and what often hampers winning results is a player’s fear of changing their options or at least mixing it up.

See ice hockey for what it is

For any sport, the thrill is the unknowing or uncertainty of what will actually happen in a game. If we all knew who would win then the sport would lose all appeal. No ‘bigger’ team will have a 100% record and no ‘weaker’ side will go a season without a win. The variables are huge and vast because of what the game offers with chance and mishap. Always know that nothing is a certainty and as simple as this may sound, but if your gut instinct is telling you different to what reasonable thought suggests then the gut is usually right more times than assumption.

Betting on sport brings in better odds

Sports betting is enjoying a greater fan base than casino gaming in Canada and worldwide: the odds are better and you have more control over the outcome. With the accumulators in sports betting sites you can easily match ‘jackpot’ figures with the right options and the correct number of predictions marked on your list.

Tips and your winning forecast

Here are our tips for a better success rate, where we no longer look at the basic option of who will win, but how the win will come about. The NHL divisions are tight, hence the reason why it’s the best in the World. So with this in mind, here are your new betting tips.

Tip 1: Opt for forecasts which offer Both Teams to Score. You have options for 2 or more, 3 or more or 4 or more. Make your judgment based on the goal difference. If you look at the Predators and Jets in the Western Conference then their goal ratio suggests more than 3 as a betting choice when these two teams play each other.

Tip 2: Winning Margins provide huge odds. Picking 4 or five of these will skyrocket your accumulator. Only pick this option when high scoring teams play those struggling with their conceded ratio.

Tip 3: First Period Betting, again good odds. Select 7 to 9 games in the NHL for your accumulator to reach the 4-figure sum and reduce your loss risk which is higher if you were to pick an outright winner.

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