Free Betting Advice for NFL & College Football With Jon Price of SIT Picks

The most lucrative time of the year to make money is approaching. Starting the first two weeks of September when College Football and the NFL begins bettors have the opportunity to start the season on a high note. The first week of the football season is often times the best because you have opportunities to make a lot of money from inefficiencies in the lines as oddsmakers try to get into their groove the first three weeks of the season.

Often times bookmakers do not know how well the opposing teams are going to play coming out of pre-season. This creates great arbitrage opportunities to wager heavily on teams that the public favor greatly with a small bet on one side parlayed with a Total combined with a much greater bet against the spread for the underdog team. Jon Price has used similar strategies to build up a massive net worth on the heels of sports betting.

Today the expert Jon Price gives out and sells sports betting tips and advice through the Sports Information Traders network. A site similar to and which was once owned and operated by CBS Sports down in South Florida. Due to the relation to gambling and CBS wanting to distance itself it sold off the entity but now that we see sports gambling and fantasy football making a huge comeback with the gigantic draw from Fan Duel and Draft Kings CBS Sports is regretting their decision for making the split and trying to be “Family Friendly” a la the ABC and the Disney model with ESPN Sports.

Other tips that are helpful for betting on the NFL this season is to never over leverage yourself. See what your bankroll can handle and never risk more than 3.5% on any one game. There are bettors who like to use a martingale strategy and its one of those things that works great when it does but when it goes wrong it can be absolutely disastrous. You want to always be disciplined and focus in your work and betting. It is one of the most important keys to success.

This leads us to another important wagering tip and that is drugs and alcohol. Psychology plays such an incredibly large role in our everyday activities and money tends to change people. If you are wagering on sports and turn to abusive practices after a win or loss then it is important to note that you will have poor money management and that is one of the keys to success with betting on sports and making money over the long run.

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