The Best Football Leagues for Betting

Sports and betting are two things that go hand in hand, as it’s hard to imagine one without the other and while they both have their own paths, those more times than not intertwine. There are many sports you can bet on, in fact, it would be safe to say there is no sport in the world that has not had a bet placed on the outcome on one of its matches. That said, it is betting on football, which has gained world renown as the most popular sports betting and it’s easy to see why considering football has betting deeply embedded in its core. But which are the best and most profitable football leagues to bet on?

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There are a plethora of football leagues around the world, most of which allow anyone to place a bet on their fixtures, yet we can’t go around placing bets on any match in any leagues, at least not if you’re looking to beat the bookie and turn your betting venture into a profitable one. Picking the right football league and the right match to bet on is only half the battle, but a very important first step in anyone’s football betting venture. Here we will look at the best football leagues for sports betting.

English Premier League – England

English Premier League is the oldest football league in the world, featuring football clubs from England and Wales. It was founded back in 1888 as the Football League and it remained the top-level football league in England, until 1992 when the top 22 teams split away to form the Premier League.

Due to its rich history, it should not come off a surprise, EPL is also one of the most popular football leagues in the world, boasting with some of the strongest football teams in the history of football. With its popularity also comes a very strong appeal for sports bettors, simply because it offers a wide range of different markets you can bet on.

What is perhaps the biggest advantage of EPL in terms of betting is easily accessible information about the league, players and everything that has to do with the competition, meaning it does not take a long time to gather the needed data which can and will help you with your betting picks.

This alone gives the punters a chance to take advantage of the market and predict the outcomes of the matches with relatively high accuracy. Another massive positive when betting on EPL is that every bookmaker in the world offers bets on the English football matches, resulting in competitive odds, thus giving us a wide range of options of bookies to choose from and secure the best possible odds for our bets.

UEFA Champions League – Europe

UEFA Champions League is an annual international football competition, organized by Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). It was initially introduced in 1955 as the European Champions Clubs’ Cup when it was a straight knockout tournament, available for only the champion club of each national championship. It later rebranded into Champions League in 1992, when a round-robin group stage was introduced, while allowing multiple teams to enter the tournaments regardless of their success on the international stage – to a certain degree.

Champions League draw balls

Arguably the most prestigious football tournament in the world, featuring only the cream of the crop of the European football who compete for the ultimate glory that is lifting the Champions cup and earn a tag as the best European football team in the world. Much like it’s the case with EPL, you can find endless information about the league, teams and players, which, if used correctly can get you a significant advantage over other punters and ultimately over the bookies. The only negative, however, is that UCL is played for shorter periods across seven months.

LaLiga – Spain

Established in 1929, the Campeonato Nacional de Liga de Primera División, or more commonly known as LaLiga, is the top professional football division of the Spanish football league system, featuring 20 of the best Spanish football teams who compete for the title of national champions.

Due to immense success of its strongest teams, LaLiga is by some regarded as the strongest league in the world, and while we could debate whether that is true or not, one thing is for sure – LaLiga is one of the strongest European football leagues in the world, which prides itself with a huge following as a result of fostering some of the elite football clubs.

What makes this league appealing for bettors is its polarized nature, which leaves a lot of space for minor teams to surprise and upset the league titans, thus offering huge payouts for those who are familiar with the league and its teams. The misbalance of the league and underrated strength of some teams make LaLiga one of, if not the best football league to bet on.

Bundesliga – Germany

Bundesliga, sometimes referred to as die Fußball-Bundesliga is the professional association football league in Germany and the football league with the highest average stadium attendance in the world.

Just like it was the case with LaLiga end English Premier League. Bundesliga has amassed a huge following of the die-heart fans, who cheer for their favourite clubs, who compete for the title of Bundesliga champions. Due to its huge popularity, Bundesliga also offers a great number of data which is available for anyone to check and take note of, which will especially be appealing for sports bettors, who look to get any advantage they can get when it comes to placing bets.

What makes Bundesliga stand out, however, is the fact that most of the teams are fairly equally matched, which provides us with a great opportunity to take advantage of inflated odds on the underdog, who is facing one of the German titans. While it will take a while for an average person to get familiar with the ins and outs of the league and its teams, with the plethora of data about the league and teams which is available online, anyone has a chance to do just that and use the knowledge to turn it into a profitable betting venture.

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