Ignore Chelsea and Man City for the Premier League value bets

If you’re looking for a little value in the Premier League after the first seven games of the new English Premier League season, then you’re going to have to ignore Man City and Chelsea.


After seven games the Barclays Premier League Table is largely dominated by the clubs we would have though with a couple of exceptions. So far, Southampton are the unexpected gate-crashers though many punters tipped them to do better than expected whilst Manchester United have got off to a stuttering start under the stewardship of David Moyes. But here again, many punters expected this transition to prove a difficult one in the absence of any really big new names – and so it has proved to be so far.

In North London, meanwhile, things are going great guns for the Gunners and their rivals just down the road. The same can be said for both halves of Liverpool – though Everton aren’t anyone’s realistic title hopefuls.

Despite all this, it’s still the biggest spenders in the entire history of the Premier League – Chelsea and Man City – who dominate the betting despite their own slightly faltering starts so far.

But this is a mistake. With both clubs under new managers and with neither looking entirely confident, the odds are too short and it’s best for shrewd punters to ignore both Chelsea and Man City for the Premier League value bets.

Instead, Arsenal at around 5-1, Man United around 6-1, Liverpool at 8-1 and Tottenham around 15-1 look far and away better value. Of these, Arsenal have the best credentials but do remember that Man United’s is essentially the same squad that won it last year. Spurs’ odds, meanwhile, are simply too generous to ignore – so don’t.

But rather than take the raw deal on either of the big money clubs, you’d be better advised to throw a couple of quid at the biggest lottery draw in Europe – at least then your money has a chance (albeit an absolutely minuscule one!) of making an enormous difference to your life?

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