Horse Racing Betting Strategies

When it comes to beating the bookmakers, you must be one step ahead and have a strategy in place to ensure you are the one collecting. You need to have horse racing betting strategies that work, have discipline and stick to them if you want to make money rather than see you hard earned disappear down the drain.

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Making money on Australian Horse Racing is not easy. But by using your knowledge and combining it with experts and tipsters you trust, you can make it work. The crucial thing is putting in the research, sticking to a well thought out plan, following the right tipsters, betting only on particular states, tracks, jockeys or trainers, or only focusing on races you have confidence in. It isn’t rocket science, but it is important you decide on your own method and don’t deviate too far from it.

Form: Research the form by spending plenty of time watching video replays of past performances, study race times, and check out the trials and jumpouts to see which horses are fit and ready. Compare all runners in a race using the same criteria to see if one stands out more than the rest in terms of being ready to win or well handicapped.

Tipsters: Tipsters can be hit and miss but once you’ve found a good one for Australian Racing Tips stick with them. If they beat the bookmakers regularly, you’ve found a reliable one. Follow all of their selections whether they win or lose. You can’t pick and choose which tips you back and which you don’t, because if you add your own thoughts into it you will not make the profit promised. If they produce a bet of the day, follow every one of them and if the tipster’s record is correct, you’ll be in profit. If you pick and choose, you’ll be missing out on winners from time to time and dragging the overall strike rate down.

States: It simply isn’t possible to bet with knowledge on all horse racing in Australia. There’s too much of it. Narrow down where you bet to a particular state: New South Wales, Victoria or Queensland for example. That way you get to know the horses, trainers and jockeys and what sort of form they are in. Everything becomes a little easier with the knowledge bank and expertise. You’ll know the nuances of certain tracks and have an advantage on who to back.

Races: You might be a fan of two-year-old races, like to punt on maidens or handicaps or only ever focus on Group racing. Whatever it is you have that added insight into, focus on it. Don’t just bet on any race about to jump, create yourself a strategy based around the races you know best. That’s where you can have the edge.

Stats: If you prefer stats to form, dig deep into them and you’ll unearth a betting strategy that you might be able to work into regular profits. Whether it is jockey or trainer strike rate, the performance of horses first up after a spell, fillies or mares in particular races, the barrier draw, the going, the distance, the record of favourites, find yourself a niche. Combine all the information you research and there will be points that stand out telling you to back a horse. That then becomes your strategy: three-year-old fillies racing over 1400m at a certain track or avoiding a particular jockey riding favourites. History is there to be used, so make it your Horse Racing Betting Strategy.

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