Norwegian sportsmen – better or worse?

The Viking-nation from Scandinavia has always had some amazing talents in several different sports. Although the country always had footballers representing big football clubs across Europe, their biggest achievements have been in winter sports and winter Olympics. In previous years, however, critics have said that the country has not managed to produce the same sort of talents that they did 20-30 years ago. Is it true?


We are sure all the football fans out there remember footballers like Ronny Johnsen (Manchester United), Henning Berg (Blackburn and Manchester United), John Carew (Valencia, Besiktas, Rome, Aston Villa and West Ham), John Arne Riise (Liverpool, Rome and Fulham) and one of the greatest Norwegian player of all times, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. His name is still being chanted every weekend at the Old Trafford.

These players were all exceptional talents, and they have been representing their teams on the highest level possible. Some of them were even playing when Manchester United won the Champions League last where Solskjaer scored the deciding goal. Riise played in the thrilling Champions League final when Liverpool was 3 goals down, but still came back and won the game.

Ole Gunnar solkjaer

Rosenborg, Norway’s biggest team over the past 20 years, was in the Champions League 10 years in a row between 1995 and 2005, but they have not been in the tournament for the past 4 seasons. Is Norwegian football in decline, or are they suffering from the financial state of other clubs in Europe? Read more about Rosenborg’s history on this link.

What happened to the Norwegian mass production of superb professional footballers? Is it coincident that the Norwegian national team have all but failed to qualify for the World Cup in Brazil, despite being in arguably the easiest qualifying group?

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Despite what some critics are saying, there are still exceptionally good sportsmen from Norway. They do for example have the worlds number 1 chess player – Magnus Carlsen. He is a chess grandmaster, a former chess prodigy and is ranked number one in the world. Read more by clicking here.

There were 3 Norwegian cyclists in this year’s Tour de France, amongst them one of the worlds fastest sprinters Thor Hushovd. Also in skiing, Norway still has amazing sportsmen, one of them being the extremely fast skier Petter Northaug who has won pretty much everything a skier can win. So Norwegian sportsmen are still amongst the world’s elite.

The latest success of Norwegian sportsmen was made in Slovenia on Saturday when they were third in the men’s ski jumping team event at Planica. Norway’s team: Andreas Stjernen, Tom Hilde, Anders Fannemel and Anders Bardal.


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