Super Bowl 2020 Odds: Kansas City Chiefs to Play Against San Francisco 49ers

As the Super Bowl Championships draws nearer, the final matchups are determined. After beating the Tennessee Titans 35-24 during the AFC Championship Game, the Kansas City Chiefs will wrestle with the San Francisco 49ers for the Super Bowl championships this upcoming February 2. This is the first time these two teams will meet in a big game and the 49ers championship entry to Super Bowl since their defeat 34-31 against the Baltimore Ravens in 2013.

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Now, fans are excitedly betting on which team will reign supreme. The Chiefs immediately became a fan favorite, and many expect them to win against the 49ers. With a current spread of -1.5 and Over/Under of 53.5, the Chiefs had become the early pick of most betting sites.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tennessee Titans

Before winning the AFC Championship, the Chiefs faced played against the Tennessee Titans at the Arrowhead Stadium last January 19, 2020. Despite the 24-0 deficit against Houston Texans during the divisional round, the Chiefs overcame the challenge, subsequently turning the game around. Their victory, according to analysts, was mostly due to the fantastic performance of their third-year quarterback, Patrick Mahomes.

Mahomes, with his throw for three touchdowns and a run for another, immensely helped the team with beating the Titans. They won the AFC Championship game with a 35-24. This is a historic event for the chiefs as it is their first Super Bowl appearance since January of 1970. Their coach, Andy Reid, is one of the NFL’s best current coaches even without a single Super Bowl win, gets another chance in taking home the crown.

The Titans had an early 10-0 lead, only being able to reciprocate against the Chief’s first touchdown in the first quarter. However, with the Chief’s 51-31 win against the Texans, the Titans holding up a 17-7 with less than seven minutes left during the first half seemed unbelievable. However, the Chiefs turned it around and, in four minutes, scored twice, resulting in a 21-17 lead into halftime.

In the third quarter, both teams were thrown into an impasse, until the game finally reached the final frame. The Chiefs’ intense offense plowed through into the fourth quarter with a touchdown. The lead turned into a 35-17, and with a 60-yard TD pass to Sammy Watkins, the Titans failed to retrieve the ball back before the two-minute warning.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers

The second placer in the Fanduel Super Bowl Odds chart of teams likely to win, the San Francisco 49ers were able to snatch the NFC Championship victory from the Green Bay Packers. Their stellar defense had paved the way for this win and earned them a spot to match against the Chiefs. This would be the 49ers’ first Super Bowl since their loss 34-31 against the Baltimore Ravens in 2013.

Running back Raheem Mostert controlled the game, leading the 49ers with four touchdowns and 220 yards on 29 carries. He placed second for having the most rushing yards during a playoff game. The first record holder Was Los Angeles Rams’ Eric Dickerson with his 248-yard game in 1986.

Running back Tevin Coleman was able to perform 21 yards worth of six carries, only to be benched due to a shoulder injury. Meanwhile, Mostert handled the 49ers’ rushing yards. Deebo Samuel, the 49ers receiver, made two runs on reverses.

To experts, the defense 49ers performed this season was the second-best in the NFL. Led by Nick Bosa, Arik Armstead, and DeForest Buckner, the solid defensive front agitated the Packers’ Aaron Rodgers throughout the game.

Chiefs vs. 49ers: The Championship Matchup

The 49ers beating the packers set the Super Bowl LIV matchup, with the 49ers facing the Chiefs on February 2. As the two progressed victorious from each of their conferences, oddsmakers began predicting the possible outcome of the game. The game was considered as the most evenly matched Super Bowl ever. Still, the Chiefs are crowd favorites and are expected to win the Lombardi Trophy.

This Super Bowl is expected to be filled with red, as both Chiefs and 49ers use red for their team’s primary colors. It is also the first NFL matchup that had both sides in red. Not only that, this is the second Super Bowl that had a team lead its conference in passing yards and a team that leads with rushing yards. The Chiefs gained 4,498 passing yards while the 49ers rushed for a total of 2,305 yards.

Many believed that the real threat that 49ers might face could be Mahomes. Even with their excellent defensive lineup, Mahomes’ speed could prove a problem, especially if he leads the Chiefs’ offense.

ESPN analysts are split between the Chiefs and the 49ers. Matt Bowen, an NFL analyst, believes that Mahomes’ offensive prowess would lead the Chiefs to victory. Field Yates, on the other hand, think that Mahomes can be slowed down if the 49ers could give him enough pressure. This strategy had worked against Rodgers during the match against the Packers.


The Kansas City Chiefs’ strength lies in their offense, while the San Francisco 49ers had a solid defense. Both teams are evenly matched, leading their conferences with outstanding numbers. However, the odds are still on the Chiefs, with their spread of -1.5 and an over/under of 53.5. However, that doesn’t mean the 49ers can’t overthrow this odd and turn it into their favor.

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