The Best Real-Money Online Casinos in 2021

Have you ever tried playing a game of fake-money poker on your phone with other players from different parts of the world? If you’re someone who really enjoys real-cash poker, then it’s likely that you will have experienced certain frustrations when playing with fake money. First, there is the obvious fact that you can’t really use your winnings in fake-money poker as real cash. Second, it doesn’t simulate the high stakes and pressure of a real game because people tend to play a lot looser and less competitively whenever they aren’t betting with real money.

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The experience is probably the same if you’re playing with fake-money slots, baccarat, or blackjack as well. It’s always going to be a different kind of thrill. Sure, these apps and games are great to have on your phone when you’re just looking to pass the time. But you are bound to get bored of them fairly quickly. They just fail to simulate the fun and thrill of playing with real money and that’s where most of the novelty of these kinds of games lies.

But how are you supposed to get a chance to play real-live betting games if casinos are practically deserted because of the pandemic? You wouldn’t want to be gathering in large groups at friends’ houses for games either because you want to keep yourselves safe from the virus. What do you do then? Well, that’s exactly where these real-money casinos come in. As far as we can tell, there are so many real money casinos 2021 has provided us with. This year hasn’t been so bad after all, has it? This is mainly due to the fact that online casino operators understand that there is a huge market for online gambling and they want to capitalize on it. But that breeds an even bigger problem.

Oversaturating the Market

There’s this concept in psychology that’s called the paradox of choice. It’s a phenomenon that happens wherein you become so overwhelmed by options that you find it difficult to make any kind of decision whatsoever. This is exactly what happens when you spend a full 20 minutes trying to browse through different movies and shows on Netflix only to end up deciding that you’ve wasted too much time already. This is what’s happening in online casinos as well. There are just too many of them.


Given that the market is reaching a certain level of oversaturation, what should you do as a consumer? Don’t worry. If you’re tired of going out and researching on every possible casino platform out there, we’ve collated a list for you here. This article is going to highlight the best of the best so that you’re assured of a quality gaming experience regardless of which platform you choose. You no longer have to be paralyzed by the paradox of choice.

How to Choose the Right Platform for You

There are a myriad of factors that you need to consider before choosing the proper casino platform for you. But we’ve concretized that process to just three:

Ease of Transactions

First of all, an online casino should make it as easy as possible for you to withdraw and deposit your money. Go for casinos that offer strict safety guidelines and transactional policies so that your money always stays secure.

Gaming Experience

Then, check out the user experience of these sites. Do they offer a wide variety of games? Is the interface easy to use? Do you feel like you could have fun playing on these sites?

Bonuses and Promotions

Lastly, you need to consider bonuses and promotions. Again, these casino operators are desperate for users. This means that they can be very generous with their bonuses to help you with your bankroll.

The Best Real-Money Sites for You

  1. Spin Casino
  2. Betway Casino
  3. Tsars Casino
  4. Betsson Casino
  5. 888 Casino
  6. 22Bet Casino
  7. Casino Midas
  8. Jackpot City Casino
  9. Royal Panda Casino
  10. iLucki Casino


There you have it! Feel free to choose any one of these options and you’re guaranteed to have a good time!

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