UEFA Final Sports Picks history

With all eyes on Cristiano Ronaldo returning to Old Trafford to take on his old team Manchester United when Real Madrid play the conclusion of the round 16 tie, it’s interesting to note how past history may well affect sports betting picks and wagers. After spending 6 years with Manchester Ronaldo was in fine form when he faced them as opposition and his goal was the event that forced a tied result.


Sports betting action is hotting up with the UEFA final just around the corner and many fans are using their mobile devices to place bets. The additional option of mobile betting makes it even easier to enjoy playing the pools and many fans have discovered that they can also enjoy mobile casino games at top sites like www.gamingclub.com/mobile-casino.

Past history shows that Real Madrid is a good team to back as they have won 9 Finals and been runners up 3 times. In contrast, Manchester United have won 3 times and been runners up twice. In typical history-repeats-itself fashion, AC Milan take on FC Barcelona in the round 16 match echoing their face off in the 1994 Final. AC Milan were the victors in 1994, but a lot has come to pass since then and FC Barcelona has some strong players that have recently transferred to the side.

Real Madrid were also the winners of the inaugural competition in 1956, when they beat Stade de Reims in the final, so they have a long history of winning and a reputation to live up to. If you keep up to date with the latest picks you may see some interesting odds crop up, so if you are new to betting stick close to a sports pick pro and observe which way they think the games will go. 

Spain have produced the most champions over the years, with 13 wins from 2 clubs and Italy follows with 12 winners from 3 clubs, so these are also factors to consider. England has produced 12 winners from 5 different clubs and although Manchester United may often be the favourite they have been beaten by a host of teams through the years. Keep an eye on current champions, Chelsea who took the 2012 cup against 4 time champions Bayern Munich, and stay close to the action with live feeds and real time updates online.


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