Barcelona vs. Real Madrid Match Preview & Betting Tips

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El Clasico, one of the biggest matches in the world of football, is taking place at Barcelona’s Camp Nou this Sunday evening. The hosts have already been crowned the champions of La Liga, but it doesn’t mean they won’t be motivated to beat their ancient rivals at the home ground. Can they do it? Find out in this Barcelona vs. Real Madrid match preview! Barcelona This season, Barça have won their 25th Spanish title. They’re still long away from Real Madrid, who have eight titles more. Still, winning the trophy…

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Modern football players who promoted gambling

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We all know that gambling and sports have a great deal in common. In both cases players enjoy the process, feel the adrenaline rush, happiness and disappointment, as well as many other emotions that are difficult to get anywhere else. This is what gambling operators benefit from, trying to increase their popularity combining sports and gambling. Of course, football is the most popular sport. It is watched by a huge number of people, and the best players are well-known in every corner of the world. It is logical to assume…

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Key players to watch in the Champions League 2017

The UEFA Champions League is one of the most keenly-contested tournaments in European football. Pundits and supporters alike look at the recent form of the top clubs, as well as the tactics the managers employ, when attempting to predict who will make the final in Cardiff in June. However, despite football being a team game, it can be individual players that lead clubs to European glory. State of the art The top players are fairly evenly distributed around Europe’s biggest clubs. Money talks, and gifted players often heed its call.…

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UEFA Final Sports Picks history

With all eyes on Cristiano Ronaldo returning to Old Trafford to take on his old team Manchester United when Real Madrid play the conclusion of the round 16 tie, it’s interesting to note how past history may well affect sports betting picks and wagers. After spending 6 years with Manchester Ronaldo was in fine form when he faced them as opposition and his goal was the event that forced a tied result. Sports betting action is hotting up with the UEFA final just around the corner and many fans are…

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UEFA Champions League: Manchester United – Real Madrid Betting Preview

After draw in the first match (1:1), Murinho’s players demonstrated their power collected four won matches in a row. They gained a lot of morale by beating Barcelona again and we think they can continue their winning row by beating Man Utd in the second leg. In the last match against Barcelona, Real showed their strength with 13 goal attempts (8 of them were shots on goal). Cristiano Ronaldo plays fantastic and with him in team Real can beat everyone. In the last match against Barca, Mourinho had rest some…

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