What are the best sports to bet on?

Sports gamblers are always on the prowl for wagering opportunities that bring good results on a consistent basis. With 50+ major sports represented by the wagering menus of most of the world’s top online sportsbooks, it’s a difficult task to find sports that render those kinds of results. With that said, there are some sports that seem better to wager on than others.

Student Karishma Kapoor holds her betting slip with odds of 5000/1 if Leicester City win the Premiership title, ahead of watching the Leicester City vs Manchester United match in Leicester on 1 May, 2016. Kapoor, aged 20, originally placed a ??2 bet with Ladbrokes and is set to win ??10,000 if her team wins today. / AFP / LEON NEAL (Photo credit should read LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images)
Student Karishma Kapoor holds her betting slip with odds of 5000/1 if Leicester City win the Premiership title, ahead of watching the Leicester City vs Manchester United match in Leicester on 1 May, 2016. Kapoor, aged 20, originally placed a 2 bet with Ladbrokes and is set to win 10,000 if her team wins today. (Photo credit: LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images)

Getting Past Regional Bias

In order for a punter to be able to find sports that render good results, they have to get past their regional biases. In Australia, punters enjoy wagering on Australian Rules Football and Rugby. In England and many parts of Europe, a majority of the sports wagering is focused on European football (soccer). In the US, punters like wagering on the NFL and NBA, as well as NCAA FB and NCAA BB. While there is some value derived from wagering on familiar sports with familiar sports heroes, it doesn’t always render the best financial results.

Criteria That Should Be Used To Determine Which Sports Provide the Best Wagering Opportunities

Successful punters are those that can predict the outcome of sports events on a regular basis. Of course, they don’t typically use a crystal ball. What they do use is statistical information and their knowledge base.

The criteria that should be used to select the best sports to bet on is as follows:

  • Availability of Free Statistical Information – If a punter wants to pay for information, that’s a personal choice. However, free stats should be available for the masses.

  • Percentage of Favourites That Win – Regular punters tend to like betting on favorites. Sports that show a higher percentage of winning favourites should be preferred.

  • Popularity of the Sport – The most popular sports garner the most media coverage, which results in the availability of more information about internal issues and injuries.

  • Variety of Wagering Options – Sports that provide lots of wagering opportunities offer punters more ways to play certain games to match certain situations.

The Best Sports to Bet

Based on the above criteria, here are the five best sports to wager on if the goal is financial gain.

NCAA FB – Due in large part to the potential for a vast difference in the talent levels between opponents, betting on college football from the US can be very lucrative. Punters will find plenty of free statistical data and should have no problem finding good wagering games with 50-60 games available on the schedule every weekend during the college football season. Particular focus should be paid towards over/unders.

European Soccer – This is an information pick. Due to the massive amounts of media coverage given to football in Spain, England and Germany, punters have the ability to stay well-informed, which usually translates to making “educated” plays. The “tie” option tends to give extra value to punters who have a strong opinion on a side.

Tennis – Due to the disparity in ability, tennis is one of the most predictable sports on the planet. Of course, the disparity is usually reflected in the pricing.

Australian Rules Football – Again, this particular sport provides mounds of statistical data that can be used to hone in on a winner. Also, media coverage helps punters stay up to date on injuries that often affect the outcomes of games.

MLB – America’s Major League Baseball is a pitcher driven sport. Pitching matchups are often easy to dissect, which gives the punter two options. Based on personal preference, they can bet a side if the disparity between the two pitchers is evident, or they can wager on over/unders, using each pitcher’s recent trends.

If you want to be become a proficient punter on a particular sport, you need to be willing to invest the time to learn the sport’s nuances. When you feel ready, you can join the wagering fun at ComeOn and try out what you have learned.

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