Belmont Stakes Betting Traps You Should Avoid Dealing With

horce race at Tampa

A huge horse racing tournament like Belmont Stakes provides a wide array of betting categories that each sports bettors can ultimately dig in. Aside from the fact that each betting category can supply high prizes, the ability of a better win consistently is big. This is for the reason that a particular bettor can spread his bets and wage for more than one entries. While sports betting can be both entertaining and rewarding task to take, it always comes with a trap. The sports industry wants to make more money…

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Horse Racing Betting Strategies

sports betting

When it comes to beating the bookmakers, you must be one step ahead and have a strategy in place to ensure you are the one collecting. You need to have horse racing betting strategies that work, have discipline and stick to them if you want to make money rather than see you hard earned disappear down the drain. Making money on Australian Horse Racing is not easy. But by using your knowledge and combining it with experts and tipsters you trust, you can make it work. The crucial thing is…

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Greatest Champion Hurdlers

champion hurdle

The Champion hurdle is the most important hurdle race of the national hunt season and has been one by so many champions over the years. Whether it be recent winners Buveur D’Air or Faugheen ‘the machine’. The latest Cheltenham odds has last year’s winner as the odds on favourite to follow up. However one name that may go down as the greatest of them all is Istabraq. In his 29 starts he was victories on 23 occasions and finished his career surpassing £1 million in prize money. Istabraq was without a doubt…

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The Top 5 Winnable Games

There is evidence of people making wagers and bets since the beginning of written history. Archaeological digs have unearthed evidence of gaming devices similar to our modern day dice that date back even further. This evidence, which is found across all cultures and regions, suggests that placing bets is a part of human nature. Humans are competitive, which is one possible reason that placing bets is such a common part of our history. This theory is supported by the evidence that the pastime is popular without regard to social status…

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