Sports Betting During Covid-19: Will It Beat the Odds?

sports betting covid 19

The Covid-19 pandemic hit lots of industries, and even changed the way some of them operate. Sports betting didn’t manage to avoid the impact of the crisis, as almost all sporting events have been cancelled. If there weren’t the pandemic, today we would discuss the new EURO 2020 champions and enjoy the Olympic Games in Tokyo. However, the lockdown saw many people at home, and the confinement has been imposed in a lot of countries. Sports fans headed to alternative forms of entertainment, and some obscure sports were, all of…

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Why Online Casinos are keen to become big names in football sponsorship?

roulette wheel

Surely entertainment is one of the industries where margins are higher. Everyday lots of people spend money on gaming, sports and vacations. Some activities take place in the real world while others, like playing casino online, are only on the web. They have a common basic tough: they are fun and people are prepared to pay, also a lot of money, to have some fun in their lives. If we think offline, Football is the most popular way of having fun. It is without doubt the champion of all sports…

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Mobile Progressive Real Money Slots

There can be some gigantic amounts of cash to be won when you start to play progressive slot games on a mobile device, as many of the online casinos you can play at will offer you the exact same slot games that are available on their respective online gaming platforms. View image | That does of course mean that mobile and online progressive slots, in the vast majority of online casino sites are networked together, and as such you have the exact same chance of winning one of those mega sized progressive jackpot…

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